Yes, we do canopies too! Our customer dropped off these two canopies in need of a good cleaning and polishing as they were being resold.

The same process was followed as we do with any car - High pressure pre-rinse - Foam Bath - High pressure post-rinse - Towel dry.

Meguiar's 3-stage premium paint cleansing treatment
includes clay bar and 3 individual stages of polishing
- compound, polish, wax.

After your paint is washed, pass your fingertips over the surface. Does it feel smooth or do you feel roughness? Roughness is as a result of regular exposure to the elements, using Meguiar's Clay Bar will remove stubborn, bonded above surface contaminants.

Meguiar's Ultimate Compound will remove below surface problems like oxidation (dull, chalky appearance), fine sracthes and swirls.

Meguiar's Polishing is used prior to waxing, to create the deep, "wet" reflections.

We then top it off with a layer of Wax, which protects the paint and adds a brilliant shine. Waxing can also "lock-in" the gloss to create brilliance, water beading and light swirl removal.

More Details

Pricing on request.
For new & old paintwork, with scratches and swirl marks. It will turn your dull & faded paint into "new".
Meguiar's single-stage paint cleansing treatment - clay bar and wax (for paint with no oxidation).